Joel Hart Design


Joel Hart Design is the multidisciplinary art & design practice of Joel Hart, based in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Joel’s work spans many applications, fusing his passion of art, illustration and graphic design together Joel offers a unique artistic vision and creative direction to help brands, individuals and agencies connect to their audience.

As an artist Joel creates beautiful mixed media images using stencil, print, acrylics and other different techniques to create contemporary style urban infused art style. Inspired by modern popular culture, touching on themes of love and death, Joel’s art tells stories of strength and hope through juxtaposed elements as he brings influential images of the past and present together to create a sense of raw emotion and passion.

Working on large scale murals, illustration work for internationally recognised brands such as Adidas to logo designs for start-up businesses, everyday brings new and exciting challenge to solve with creativity.

For artwork, freelance, commissions or any other projects, please get in touch.